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Dementia 7 ~ 50th Blog Post



[#050] ah yes my 50th blog. it only took me ten years to get here. most of ya'll can accomplish that in months, but i usually have nothing to say. today is no different.


well, that's not entirely true.


i hadn't studio-recorded anything since 2014 which was when my band of 25-years finally decide to wrap up for good.

about thirteen months ago (february 2021) i dusted off my guitars and started recording a couple of cover songs along with a friend of mine who lives in Canada. we had a list of tunes we wanted to do and then weeded them down to a small handful. only three were ever started and only one was completed. we had used his ftp server thing to transfer files between us so that we both could record/send individual tracks to each other and load them up in a multitracking studio program called Reaper.


the last time i fiddled around with the mixing/mastering was march 17th 2021. yesterday, exactly 365 days later out of pure coincidence, i opened the session in Reaper and changed the one thing that really bothered me with the volume levels of the vocals in a specific spot (the "oooh, oooh" was way too low and drowned out).


anyway, D7 is the name of the song here. it's a cover, originally written & recorded by Greg Sage (The Wipers) and released on Is This Real? way back in the stone age of 1980. The song was made widely popular by Nirvana in the mid 1990s and is one of the most covered Wipers song for this reason. I've always wanted to do a studio version of this song. My buddy Mark did the drums, I filled in the rest. It mostly stays truer to the Nirvana version. In fact you can start playing both at the exact same time and they'd sync perfectly until the end because we used their recording as our metronome. We didn't take it too seriously. It was a project to shake the dust off, I have bigger things I want to do in the coming year or two.


So here it is. D7 in FLAC format:


D-7-2 22mix.flac







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