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Cruiz'in Netflix - Bubsy a Stuntcat in "Green Eggs and Ham" - April 2022



Green Eggs and Ham is an American animated comedy adventure streaming television series loosely based on the 1960 Dr. Seuss book of the same title for Warner Bros. Animation and Netflix. It premiered on November 8, 2019 on Netflix. The series has received critical acclaim for its animation, humor, and story.   The voice acting with also notable with the talents of Michael Douglas, Adam DeVine, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Wright, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Diane Keaton.  


This hilarious take on the classic Dr. Seuss book is also evident with the producers Jared Stern, Jeff Kleeman, Mike Karz, David Dobkin, Sam Register, Helen Kalafatic, oh and a comedian we've loved for years, Ellen DeGeneres.   Seeing her name among the executive producers made only more sense on why this Netflix series grabbed the attention of the Bubsy Fan Blog.  




But there was something else about this series that seemed eireely familiar.  In fact, other Bubsy fans have chimed in liking this series.  What was it about this series, and why did the obnoxious yet lovable character, Sam I Am, have such an over whelming Bubsy vibe?


Well, wonder no more, because the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog has uncovered a fact that the Green Eggs and Ham team was willing to reveal in the wake of the release of season two for the series and that is this:   Bubsy Bobcat was an uncredited stuntcat in the series. *


The trend in the film industry is actually well known.   So often a famous actor or actress will lend their talent to a movie or TV series and be uncredited.  Great recent examples we've enjoyed was Hugh Jackman as a uncredited informant in "Free Guy".   Or how about Daniel Craig and Karl Urban playing Storm Troopers in the last Star Wars movies?   And how about former Doctor Who actors Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy as Daleks in a deleted scene for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special? **   And in that tradition, Bubsy Bobcat signed up for the Green Eggs and Ham TV series partly due to his love of the Dr. Seuss books that he's loved since he was a kitten.    It has been reported that the producers of the show were very grateful for his help as some of the stunt scenes were quite dangerous.  There was also a time or so during the strict production schedule that Bubsy was able to voice a few lines of Sam I Am when Adam DeVine was not available as their voices sounded a lot a like.


Luckily, according to Bubsy, due to his extensive training in video games, and his newer immunity to falling damage, this came in really handy through some of the more stunt intensive scenes like the ones on the moving train, something that Bubsy did extensively in his first game.   There were several scenes were Sam I Am rides down slides of water, or something like water (eww...) and Bubsy was able to slide or surf those thanks to more of his in game experience.   And the falling scenes Bubsy had a bit of PTSD he had to overcome from his earlier games, but handled those like a pro, once again thanks to new abilities.


Bubsy said physically he was a natural stand in for Sam I Am as his face profile being whitish-yellow on the bottom and the way the sides of his face play out was a lot like Sam I Am.   Only the orange parts of his face needed to be brushed out by the make-up department.   The red hat hid his ears, and he had to slip into a green body suit for the torso, arms, legs and feet.  Bubsy claimed the body suit is much like comfy pajamas.   Much like how Ryan Reynolds kept one of the Deadpool suits from the prop department; so Bubsy latched onto the Sam I Am "pajamas" and one of the red hats much to the prop department's dismay but eventual acceptance.


Humorously enough, due to Sam I Am's love for Green Eggs and Ham, Bubsy as a stuntcat for some scenes had to partake in this delicacy.   Bubsy replied in some of those scenes they used a prop version that was effectively painted styrofoam that he would eat and spit out after the cut.  Unfortunately that required multiple takes.   As a result, claims Bubsy, he wouldn't mind not seeing Green Eggs and Ham for a while.


But that will not be the case since, as of December 2019, Netflix renewed the series for a second season which will be titled Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving. It is scheduled for a April 8, 2022 release on Netflix. It will be a loose adaptation of The Butter Battle Book.


Not only will fans get a second serving of this wonderful TV series, but our good old pal Bubsy will get more takes with that delicious prop food.


But all this hard work and sacrifice of the Bubster has not gone unnoticed by the producers of Green Eggs and Ham.   In the first season there were a few nods to the Bubsy franchise that were thrown in out of thanks.   In the first season one nod was in the jail break scene as they were going through the laundry area you can see many white T-shirts that look like the Bubsy shirts a player could collect throughout the game.   In another scene when they are in a lightning storm Sam I Am tempts fate by saying lightning couldn't strike a second and then third time, much like the "What could possibly go wrong" trope.  And there are others nods that Bubsy fans should look out for.


Will we get any other Bubsy franchise nods in the second season?   Well the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog and other fans look forward to seeing more as the new season two episodes aire next week on Netflix!





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* We wish!   But still a fun series and you should totally watch it for that fun Bubsy-vibe!

** We consider the Five-ish doctor Special Canon, please and thank you.


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