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A Very Happy Facebook Unbirthday... to Me! :D



So much in the style of Alice in Wonderland and their "unbirthdays"



I guess I became guarded about my actual birthday somewhere along the way.   Used as one of the major means of identity, we have attached this so that social media could announce it to the world.   I was all about that back in the BBS days.   Heck I used to engrave my driver's license on my items in case they were stolen.  My foot locker back at summer camp in the 80s had my social security number on it.   We wouldn't do that now.


When it came to Facebook and social media I was an early adopter of an unbirthday.   And nearly immediately Facebook proved me right as the date I gave them was in messages from other companies, wishing me a happy birthday.   :)


So for those that celebrate my Facebook unbirthday, thank you.  :D   I will take your greetings and cheerish them on the real birthday.


And if you ever want to know my real birthday, I'll tell you next time I see you.  Maybe at my birthday party.  ;)



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Oh,...Is This why you thought I was on FaceBook?


I saw your birthday on AtariAge...At the bottom where it lists birthdays.  :)

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