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Shield Collisions redone



I've redone the fireball collisions so the fireballs won't bounce-thru when the fireball hits the left/right* side of the shield. Font Consistancy from the To Do List has also been taken care of.


I've noticed a timing issue - the screen will start to jitter if the 2nd fireball comes out while 3 AI players are still alive. You can see this by catching the fireball and holding on to it until the 2nd fireball gets released(about 1 minute, 15 seconds into the round). I think this will be the next thing I address else I'll run into problems when I add the AI catch logic.


* front of shield always faces away from castle, back of shield always faces towards castle, so left/right are the other 2 sides

Medieval_Mayhem.zip mm20060807NTSC.bin mm20060807PAL.bin


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