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The return of Stupidman!



I spent three hours of coding Celery and geting nowhere. Then I decided to stop. But then I got bored. So I thought about what projects I have:

  • Frank the Fruit Fly (Game Boy)
  • Adventures of the Stalk of Celery (Channel F)
  • Flying Hamburgers (Game Gear)

But there was one I had forgotten about. I had not worked on it since January. Why, it's

  • Stupidman in: A Date To Remember (NES)

So I resumed work on that. I needed to ease myself back in NES programming since I had not done it in a long time. One thing I wanted to do was work on the screen for Act 3. It looked like this:


Which was kinda good, but I need more tiles for the other acts. So I had to make it look better AND reduce the number of tiles in it. I also had to get rid of the green background behind the score because I think it looks ugly. So I worked and got this:


Which, even though I didn't center it, looks a lot better than it did before. And I reduced the number of tiles I had. Just to be sure I didn't mess up the looks of the other acts, I played through what I had of the game so far. I got lost in the museum, but other than that I did okay. I think it's a neat little game. So with Act 3 finally done, I will begin work on Act 4. Act 4 is set in the supermarket where Stupidman needs to buy some soap. I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off, but I think it will be similar to the museum. (The town must want newcomers to be confused with their maze-like building interiors!) One thing I wish I knew was how much room I have left. That would help a lot with figuring out what I can do with the game.

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I woke up not being able to breathe. I kept gasping for air but I couldn't get any. But finally I did (or else I wouldn't be sitting here typing.) I thought "As long as I'm up, I might as well work on my Stupidman game." I discovered I've used up about 50% of my allotted 41k space. I also discovered that I have way more tiles available than I thought I did. So I used about a dozen of them to improve the title screen.


After I did that I went back to sleep. I woke up and worked on centering the road in Act 3. It uses way more tiles than I thought, but it seems to be working.




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