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a better Stupidman title screen



I made the title screen to Stupidman even better.



So what I did here was kind of hard to do. I had to make the dot in the i like I did because if I didn't the head would end up with green hair. I think now I've done enough tinkering with the title screen and act 3 screen so now I can begin work on act 4. I used to have an exclamation point at the end of "Stupidman," but I got rid of it and it looks a lot better without it.


Stupidman was one of my earliest comics, when I was about 10 I started drawing comics. I still have the first comic book I ever drew, dated two days from now 30 years ago! Even though it does not have Stupidman in it, my earliest surviving Stupidman comic book is dated July 1993.


I need to set up my NES and test this on a real NES. I'm glad I got my Everdrive before the Ukraine war. I wonder how Krikzz is doing. Last I heard, he relocated to Spain.


My dog isn't doing so well. A few days ago, she began to not enjoy eating as much as she did. She ate all her dinner tonight, but we had to coax her to. I think she just turned 13, but she's not a small dog (Labrador Retriever mix), and it seems like big dogs live shorter than small ones. I wonder what's going to happen. Dogs can't live forever, you know. But I think I will.


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