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So there are no dangerous lines that you can short circuit if you insert a 2600 cartridge the wrong way? Good for Atari, it would be total fiasco for them if their rehashed games ended up killing lots of vintage consoles for the few enthusiasts who still are into the hobby and who have faith in Atari as a company.

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That's a good question. I would suppose there's no real harm, since over the decades I would suspect hundreds of un-cased PCBs have been accidentally inserted upside-down, and there would probably be all sorts of threads warning against it by now. I could see it potentially going the other way, if a cart component picked up +5v where it wasn't supposed to, but maybe that's a non-issue too.


That said, if these games did cause peoples' 2600 to get zapped, I would really hate to be the one having to write all of the checks to get (presumably) dozens of 45-year-old consoles repaired.

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22 hours ago, alex_79 said:

BTW, the front label of the cart should be upside down too when plugged in the R77 😄


Well, we'll chalk it up to poor quality control. Somewhere. :roll: 

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