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Jeff Minter Classics title screen questions



Here are some questions I have about the title screen for Jeff Minter Classics for the Atari Jaguar.


1. Do llamas really sound like sheep? The title screen has sheep baaing and at first I thought that might be the llama making a baa sound, but then I thought, "Well, llamas don't make a baa! sound..." or do they?


2. What is the computer voice saying during the intro music? It sounds like it's saying "Earth-crushing deeds." It's like the Pin-Bot paradox. As a kid, I had Pin-Bot for the NES and I thought he kept saying "I am the master, that's the day of week." But this isn't the NES, this is the Jaguar. Why isn't the speech clearer?


I finally got into the Jaguar spirit again. I dusted the thing off, found the power cord, found the other cord, found the controller, and lo and behold, the thing STILL works after all these years! (Although, I don't see why it wouldn't.) Later, I am actually going to play some Jaguar games, it's time to get them out from the pantry and see if THEY still work. And I thought I might get a Jaguar GD, until I saw the price tag. Why is it $200? That really doesn't seem fair, especially in this economy. Oh what fun it must be to be rich. So now you must be thinking "Why isn't that game with the rest of your Jaguar games?" The answer is because that's my go-to cartridge for testing the Jaguar whenever the fumes strike, like they did today.


I also found an old copy of Aaron the Aardvark on my computer. I played it on VirtualJag. It seemed like the UFOs were going way too fast downwards. So I slowed them down. That improved the playability of the game, at least for me. Aaron the Aardvark was made with Raptor Basic, though. If I feel like I need to make any MAJOR changes to it, I'll see if I can convert it to JagStudio.


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