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A8 - MMS - Tin Whistle Practice




Have you ever thought about learning to play a Tin Whistle?  Me ether, until I found one at the local gift/chocolate shop.  Noting that the whistle had but 6 holes,  I thought it might be easier to learn then a 9 hole flutophone.


Turns out that having 3 less finger holes didn't prove to be any less of a challenge.  So I have recruited my Atari 8bit-MIDI Music System software-MIDIMAX-Synth to help me practice. 


Musical Instrument | For All Your Music Needs | Waltons Music


I purchased a Waltons Tin Whistle Pack that contained a tin whistle in the key of D and The Irish Tin Whistle Tutor Instruction Book.  The book contains a short section on reading music, playing the whistle, and a selection of 12 practice songs.




The notes of the 12 tunes were entered into the MMS software and saved to disk.  Now, a song can be played at a Tempo that is compatible with your skill level.  As low as 32 beats/min and up to 290 beats/min.  Slides and trills were not programmed into the music files.




The practice tunes have the fingering for each note as they are written on the staff. Having the written music to follow makes practice a lot easier.  The bad news is that a newer version of the instruction book has replaced my version that is no longer readily available.  The good news is that Waltons has granted permission to scan the written music so that it can be used with the MMS files.


Tin Whistle Tutor - Tunes.pdf


Now think about how much fun a Tin Whistle Flash Mob would be at your next Atari conference?



You knew that I would be unable to start my tin whistle practice sessions without using the Data wheel on the MIDIPLUS miniEngine Synth.  The following is O'Neill's March played with the Steel Drum, Sitar for the harmony, and a 2-measure drum sequence.


O'Neill's March 


If I recorded my whistle playing, you would soon realize why I need the Atari.



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