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Adding new labels to my Atari 2600 Cartridges



So I did receive the labels yesterday afternoon, which was a great coincidence, since I was just going to prep four cartridges for the eventual arrival of the new labels.  I received about 40-50 of them.  All the Activision ones and ordered one single Spectravideo cart for Planet Patrol.


So I'll start with my dupes: Keystone Kapers, Planet Patrol, Space Shuttle and Stampede.




I did do more of a clean, scrapping some of the residue of the Keystone Kapers and Planet Patrol cartridges a bit more.  The Spectravideo cart has the infamous hole in the front where a bunch of Goo Gone ended up seeping in, so that took a while to clean up properly.  Here are the Space Shuttle, Keystone Kapers and Planet Patrol carts all cleaned up.  The Stampede one still has a lot of residue on the end label, so I will let soak a bit more in the Goo Gone and do a clean later today.





I ended up using rubbing alcohol (weird, how during the pandemic this was so hard to find), a screen cleaning cloth, compressed air and q-tips.  The Spectravideo cart is especially a dust magnet.  I ended up cleaning it like 4-5 times to get all the specks of dust away.


Adding the labels was easy.  They do feel thicker and harder than the original labels.  I started at the top label for the Activision carts (more on that below).


So here's the Keystone Kapers cart with the new label.




And here's a side-by-side comparison with the other one in my collection still with the original label on. The richness of the colours come through, although the green on the department store walls is significantly lighter.




And here is the Space Shuttle cartridge with the new label.




And here's a comparison of my other with the original label.  I'd say that this is one of the carts with the best condition label I have in my collection.  




And now here is the Planet Patrol cart with the new labels on it.  Note the bits of dust still there.  I was trying to get the top label dead-centre, which is easier said than done.




And here's a side-by-side comparison with the other in my collection, which is in great condition (this is from a CIB copy I have).




The scuffs are certainly more noticeable in the original and the colours have lost some of their shine.



A couple lessons learned:

- I should have started applying the new Activision labels from the front section rather than the top label.  Looking at the originals, the edge is lined up more with the front

- The soak method wasn't great for the Spectravideo cart with its hole.  Even though the old label was on, the Goo Gone seeped in and was a hassle to clean out completely

- In case of the Planet Patrol cart, I wish I had disassembled it and given it a cleansing bath.  Would have quicker and more thorough.


I will probably do Stampede later.









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