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Atari Cartridges: New Labels Continued



So after some more cleaning, I ended taking another look at the Stampede cartridge and getting its new label attached.


The big issue is that the game would not play.  I remember that one of the two cartridges wasn't working and simply never got to it.  Tried it on my usual 7800 and took out my 2600 as well.  It would not work.  I tried another alcohol-based clean on the contacts with Q-tips and it wouldn't work.


So I gave in and opened the case.  The contacts did look very corroded and no amount of alcohol-scrubbing was getting it off.  So I took the finest sandpaper I could find and did a gentle scrub of the contacts and cleaned with with alcohol afterwards.  I inserted the bare circuit board into the 7800 and the game came up!    

I wish I had taken a picture, but the interesting thing is that the shielding around the ROM chip (I presume) had "11" written on it on permanent marker.  I suspect that this was for the manufacturing line to keep the mystery board clear that it was assigned to Stampede (serial AG-011).


The other thing I noticed is that the Goo Gone did also make it into the cartridge.  Mostly around the parts where the two halves joined.  So what I'll do from now on is to open the cartridges and do a nice clean.


Based on my lesson learned before, this time I applied the label from the front first (instead of starting at the top).





And here is the comparison with my other cart still with its original label on.  It's interesting to see that the hazelnut-brown of the original label which looks better IMHO.  The picture makes it look the new label purplish, but it is brown.  




Here's another picture in different (more natural) light and different background.  This picture shows the true tone of brown.




So these are all my Activision duplicates relabeled.  I will probably have a few more by EOD Monday since I have a couple of purchases scheduled and a few more should trickle in from my eBay orders.  



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