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Stupidman act IV



So I think I completed for the day what I set out to accomplish today: Make a grocery store where Stupidman can walk around in. It's a lot like the museum. One thing I need to do tomorrow is set up the intro to the act where Stupidman arrives at the grocery store. Another thing I need to do sometime is make a new song for the supermarket. But my head hurts so I'm going to quit working for today. I designed the supermarket by drawing it in Photoshop.


The gray room is the goal (where the soap will be.) And I tried to make the layout look sort of like a supermarket, yet still be a little confusing like the museum was. And then I had to program in the movement in all the rooms.


I think I'll change that light green color so you can see the score better. But not today.


I forgot a lot of things because the last time I worked on it was in July. So I'm surprised this works in Mesen. So what Stupidman will do in Act IV is ener the store, get the soap, and get out. (He doesn't have to pay for the soap because he's special. So don't try to steal soap from your local store.)


Act V will be the drive over to Mr. Germ's hideout, and Act VI will be the epic battle between Stupidman and Mr. Germ.


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