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Yes new music.



I put in the new song after wasting a day trying to use the wrong program to convert the music to the correct format. I was using FamiTracker when I should have been using FamiStudio to convert the songs. I forgot that I needed to do that. So now what I need to do to put in more new songs is remember to use FamiStudio to convert the data to the correct song. But I can't get how to use it to compose, so I need to use FamiTracker. So I thought I also needed to use FamiTracker to convert it. Makes sense, right? Well, it doesn't work. Lots of things seem to make sense when they actually don't.


So now I have a brand new song playing when you're in the grocery store. And tomorrow I will finally get to attempt to put in a bottle of soap in there. I thought about making it a random room, like the key in Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey², but I decided not to since some room code is inaccessible due to the layout of the supermarket. I could just make a few if statements to cover that, but I want things to be as simple as possible.


And for those who thought I was talking about new music from the band Yes, well, sorry.

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