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Working on Stupidman: Act V



I decided to spruce up the title screen.


In doing so, I may have figured out how text displays on the screen, at least in CC65. I had a hard time making it display the word "in" (the blue circle before the subtitle). I also was able to put in the copyright symbol. I designed the font for the text myself, but I don't think I did a very good job, so I may change it.

And, also I worked on Act V.


Mr. Germ, having sensed Stupidman on his trail, has unleashed the giant peas to try to stop him from coming. The peas will walk towards the Stupidmobile. Your job is to dodge them, which is really difficult on the peas' highest walking speed. There's thirty peas in all, and then the game stops because I haven't programmed anything after that yet.


I changed the code about scoring. I did this because running into a pea subtracts 200 points from your score, and I only had a way to subtract 100 in. It also took awhile for the score to change and NOT have some digits be shades of gray. I don't know why it keeps doing that, but it's really annoying.


I know I keep saying I want to take a break from this and then go on and work on it some more. The game isn't going to finish itself, though, and I really want to finish this one because I put so much time and effort in it. Of course that's true for all my games, but this one more so. It's been a year so far since I began work on it. But then I forget about stuff, or have to give up because the computer decided to hate me, and not work on them any more.


I do like programming for the NES, though, it's a lot more capable than the Atari 2600. I just kept Atari 2600 programming because of bB and I had a way to test them out on a real Atari 2600 (Harmony). But while the Atari 2600 STILL is capable of more colors than the NES, But you look at all the NES games that have been made and you kind of forget that. But since I now have a way to test my games on an NES (Everdrive), I think I'll continue making games for it.

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