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I can't trigger it



I went back to working on Frank the Fruit Fly. I tried and tried but I just could not make the game crash like it did before, which is odd because I only made a few changes to the November 6 version (v.91), making a v.92. I remember it coming only when I enter my saved game for the first time. So after I tested it, I had to quit the emulator and start it back up again. I must have tested it at least ten times and I just could not make it crash. So I am going to start working on this again, and if I encounter the bug again, I'll have to quit working on it and ask for help.


Right now, each song is stored in the bank it gets used in. What I tried to do was use a certain code and keep track of the music_bank variable, which tells the game which bank the music is stored in. So if I encounter the bug again, I'll put in this code BEFORE it switches back to the title screen, but AFTER level 5 has been "spent":


The code to tell the game to actually play the song is in bank 0. I'm not sure how it works, though.

void vbl_func() {
  uint8_t BankStore = _current_bank;

I tried putting this in every bank, but it wouldn't work that way, so I stuck it in bank 0. I tried storing all the songs in bank 7 and doing it that way, but I couldn't make that work either.


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