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Behind the SceNES - Super Mario Bros. 2



It had not been a while since I fired up my NES controller - to - USB drive. So I put it in and played some Super Mario Bros. 2. I don't remember me sucking so badly at this game. It was either the controller's fault or the emulator's fault, but I was not good. Luckily I could enter Game Genie codes in Mesen. So that's what I did. All the stuff I remember still worked, and I discovered a couple of new things as well.

For example, the mushroom block stuck in the wall trick. If you pause the game and unpause it, the color of the stuck in the wall mushroom block changes back to its original color.


Here, I have TWO mushroom blocks stuck in the wall. Also, the first time around, I discovered that I could trigger a Birdo when I beat the other one and got the orb. So I wondered what would happen if I beat the second one.


Nothing. I got nothing. It just died. And a few interesting things of note in the credits:


Birdo is not Birdo. Ostro is what we now call Birdo! What happened to the name Ostro? Why is it called Birdo now? Birdo was originally the bird that the Shy Guys rode on.


Clawgrip is misspelled as "Clawglip."


So anyway, that's what I did tonight. I also worked on Frank the Fruit Fly, making the game automatically save when you enter a new screen. I just deleted the part that tells it to save the game when select is pressed and moved the game saving code to the beginning of a new screen. It works great now.


I have this horrid aching spot in my mouth so it hurts to eat stuff. It's been like that for a few days now. I don't know why. It hurts to press on it with my tongue. It's evil and I wish it would go away.



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