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How I flashed CPLD chip on Incognito (with latest tweaked experimental Jed)



How I flashed CPLD chip on Incognito (with latest tweaked experimental Jed)


I made these notes to myself at the time I did this as it was a fairly involved process. 


Please cross reference with the AA threads before you do anything but these are the steps that worked for me at the time to flash the Jed. 


Note:  for me after flashing the experimental Jed I experienced instability which was known at the time, (it was an experimental Jed after all), so I just flashed the original Jed back and the instability disappeared. Iirc instability included crashing in the loader, erratic menu behaviour and corrupted menu characters, some files crashing on loading


Downloaded the 14.5 version of Xilinx ISE design software  (16GB) (includes iMpact software):

version 14.7 kept crashing so I tried 14.5
Installed the webpackage and ISE design suite
Soldered header pins for the Jtag connector on Incognito board as they were missing
Used flat connector to individual header connectors cable that came with the programmer and the following pinout which is the same as the U1MB:
From Xilinx to UM1B
2 - 1 VCC
3 - 2 GND
4 - 6 TMS
6 - 3 TCK
8 - 4 TDO
10 - 5 TDI
(instructions pasted at the end of this blog entry too)
.....And this Windows file tweak to stop the Xilinx iMpact software from crashing under Win10:
  • Open the following directory: C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64
  • Find and rename libPortability.dll to libPortability.dll.orig
  • Make a copy of libPortabilityNOSH.dll (copy and paste it to the same directory) and rename it libPortability.dll
  • Copy libPortabilityNOSH.dll again, but this time navigate to C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\common\lib\nt64 and paste it there
  • In C:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\common\lib\nt64 Find and rename libPortability.dll to libPortability.dll.orig
  • Rename libPortabilityNOSH.dll to libPortability.dll
Flash the new JD to the CPLD chip whilst the Xilinx platform flasher is plugged into the Incognito with the board in the 800 powered up using the Impact verison of the software, (not the prev installed 64bit (which crashes) or 32bit( never loads):
Then to flash the patched Incognito firmware from here:
pages 11 and 12: (where I've elaborated on them with some additional info)
1. Ensure that XL/XE mode is selected, SDX is enabled and RAM size is set to ‘1088K RAMBO’ and the PBI is on and HDD is enabled. (Latter so CF can be read)
2. Place UFLASH.XEX and the ROM and UFLASH files in the FAT partition of your CF card, and plug the card into your Incognito’s card slot. 
3. Turn on the Atari while holding down the ‘L’ key to run the SIDE XEX Loader. 
4. If already using the new SIDE loader, make sure that ‘FAT FMS’ is set to ‘Enabled’ in the Options menu. 
5. In the FAT directory listing, navigate to ‘UFLASH.XEX’ and press Return to run it. 
6. If your hardware is not automatically detected by UFLASH, do not proceed. 
7. Assuming the hardware is detected, navigate to the ‘Main BIOS’ entry and press Return. 
8. From the resulting file list, select ‘IBIOS.ROM’ and press Return. Ultimate 1MB, Incognito and 1088XEL|U1MB Firmware 
9. Press Return again to confirm the flash. (it will flash the Rom but report a short file size - ignore the latter, it has flashed)
10. Repeat the above process for the ‘Loader’ entry (selecting ‘ILOADER.ROM’) and the ‘PBI BIOS’ entry (choosing ‘IPBI.ROM’), in that order. 
11. Power-cycle the machine when the operation is complete.   (you can just hold down RESET and the FUJIkey to boot into the Incognito bios)


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How did it go? I tried and failed to get that to work, but got these instructions to (eventually) do the job.

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I have been pretty sick - not covid but not far from it. I dug out the Pi 4 and installed Buster, xc3sprog is working as expected not failing with permissions issues immediately but it not yet detecting the JTAG chain, I likely have an error in my cable. When I am better I will get back to it.

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