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Designing a menu.



I decided to break up into indivisual games the games in Adventures of the Stalk of Celery, my Channel F game I was making. I got the urge to work on Channel F for no apparent reason again. I sure do wish I had a flash cart for the Channel F. Anyway, the cartridge's menu looks like this:


I think I will need to make the screen thinner and more centered for it to all fit on the screen. And now my eye hurts. Not that it was hard, my eye just starts hurting for no apparent reason sometimes and it is really irritating.


Before I did this, all the games started at level 1 (I herd it) and if you beat that, you went on to level 2 (Spacing out.) Now you can play each game individually. I have begun work on the sixth game (Gnome hatter what). This all occurred because I was wanting to work on Channel F and had no idea. Someone suggested I get ideas from the old Nintendo Game & Watch games. I found Game & Watch Gallery for the Game Boy. The battery doesn't work any more, but the game still does. I liked how I could choose which game I wanted to play. I found the only game I was good at was Octopus, so I decided to make a version of Octopus for this game.


Since it seemed really hard to program the octopus's tentacles waving around in various positions especially on a console like Channel F, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of touching an octopus tentacle, you dodge yard gnomes coming out of holes. Because they're pointy. I wanted to make it 32k, but I could only manage 30k. Apparently org $8000 is only 30k? How? So now that my eye hurts, I've decided to quit work for today and resume tomorrow.


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