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Updating the menu.



So I decided that the gnome game shouldn't be gnomes, but Nintendo got it right about the octopus. So I redesigned the game and made it an underwater scene. It now has eight possible tentacles to go down and attack the celery. Not only do squids and stuff have 8 tentacles, it's also a good number for computing with, dividing evenly into 256. And I renamed the game since I moved it to the ocean. And that meant redesigning the menu. I found a whole bunch of stuff that could be changed in order to make it have a neater look, and I did so.


I think I'll make "Squid Pro Quo" the final game just because the menu looks so nice.

I am so sleepy. If you tell me to go to sleep at any time, I could. I slept 19 hours last night. I don't know what's wrong.


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