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DASM and ASL LSR ROL compile errors



I got my first clean compile in DASM for Detective Powers 5200.   I had started it a while back using the 6502 assembler called TASM, which is what I used for 5200 / XE Adventure II.  But I wanted to start using the most recent DASM 6502 compiler.   Many of the code formatting changes were straight forward to see the problem and easily change, but I spent some time trying to figure out why I kept getting unresolved symbols on "A" and "a".  I'm not sure if DASM can be configured to show me the line in question causing the error. Instead it basically produces a summary of all the labels / subroutines / variables that are referenced but don't exist.   


The TASM assembler allows , or requires you can use the accumulator ("A") with these:   "ASL A", or "LSR A", or "ROL A".   These were the statements causing DASM to complain, but DASM just says that "A" or "a" aren't recognized, so I had to spend some time before I got it.  There were several statements that needed the accumulator removed, but it just gives 1 error. That also confused me.  




Next step is to be able to go from a simple Title Screen , allow Start to be pressed, and load a London city Antic4 screen, without abending. 






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