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Bug fixes.




I have to give up on the Odyssey 2 game. It's being a stupid jerk and not working right. So I gave up on it. Why get angry if the stupid idiot computer is being stubborn?


Someone discovered a bug in Frank the Fruit Fly. I was like "oh great. :(" But in going to fix it, I discovered how to warp to a screen that needs fixing. It involves going into Emulicious and changing the .sav file with the Memory Editor. Which will help immensely if there are any more bugs that need to be fixed. So I went to the minefield screen and saw what was happening. I delved into the code and saw why it was doing what it was doing. I think I fixed it. I ran into a mine and I had solved it. Why do I keep saying "I think" I fixed it? Because there's times where I do think I fixed something only to turn out to be wrong and it wasn't fixed at all.


Odyssey 2 programming is ultra hard with its stupid page bordering crap. Code is broken up into "pages" of 256 bytes. And if one page happens to spill into another, the game acts crazy or resets. I think it is sheer luck I have been able to program anything on the Odyssey 2 with this stupidity.



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