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That didn't last long.



I tried to get my Pokemon Mini game so it wouldn't do this sometimes:


But I have decided to give up on that because I can't. Last night I had an idea for a banana joke (for my banana joke book). I lived dangerously: went to sleep and hoping I wouldn't forget all about it. I woke up a couple of hours ago and just now put the following joke in:


What color is your back when you slip and fall on a banana peel?

Yell “Ow!”


Too bad it's only one joke I thought up because I'm aiming for 100 pages and I just finished up page 12 after working on this for 4 months. I wonder if I continue to write one a day for a year, perhaps I'll get it done in about a year. And since I gave up on my Pokemon Mini game, I guess I'll have more time to sit here trying to think up banana jokes.


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