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Web site crap.



So I got an email saying my website provider is changing its nameservers and I need to do something about that since my registrar isn't with them. So I look it up and it's Tucows. So i go to Tucows' webpage and it said if Tucows is my registrar, then I need to contact my website provider for any help. I used the WHOIS lookup and see that my nameservers are corrected to the new ones. I'm guessing why I got that e-mail (hoping why I got that e-mail) is that they told it to send it to anyone whos registrar isn't with them without knowing that if Tucows is the resigtrar then they are the ones responsible for helping me and that I don't need to do anything.


I am also trying to look into making my domain name https: instead of http: but I doubt it matters that much since hardly anyone goes to it anyway except when looking at sites I've linked to. If there are any Chrome users here, by any chance could you go to www.atari2600land.com and see if you get a warning from them?


You may think that since I can make Odyssey2 games that I would be profecient in all this, but I'm not. It's a miracle I'm typing this and you can see it at all. I can't even get the computer in the den to connect to the internet.

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Chrome first tries https, then falls back to http and says "Not secure" at the URL bar. Firefox goes directly for http and has a padlock with a red line across to indicate your site is not encrypted. I never understood why every site needs to be encrypted, as long as it doesn't deal with login details, payments or something else of similar personal importance. To a big deal, it was Google who drove this development, probably for them and other providers to make some extra money on issuing SSL certificates to those who don't really need one.


I am a backend/web developer and find all this server setup with domain names, DNS servers, SSL certificates, web server configurations a major confusion and PITA. I'm administrating some sites of my own but tend to neglect those until it gets critical.

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