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Early work - level 13




So while designing a level, I noticed I would need the enemies to move pretty slow. So instead of making the underwear move slow, I decided to make a new enemy to move slower. So I made a snail.


I also made some changes to some sprites. I added white parts to the ghost's eyes and fixed Ulysses's right hand. I composed a song right before I went to sleep last night.

I just wish there was a better way to plot out the screen, like if I would want a brick, just put a 1 and then the program would draw a brick. I have a separate collision table for every level. It would help a lot if that same collision table would draw the screen instead of having to convert a picture of the level and then draw it that way. It would also save a bunch of room as well. A problem is each space is 16x16 pixels instead of 8x8. Now I'm looking at the picture and wondering if I need to redesign the snails because they look similar to the underwear enemy.



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