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Venture is stupid




So I was playing Venture for the Atari 2600. OMG it's sooooo HARD. It's like it doesn't even help that you can shoot at the enemies because they move constantly, not to mention you can't shoot across the room. Heaven forbid that. And this room is really dumb. Who thought this would be possible?


God forbid Stella show these screens correctly. There's bars on all four sides. I tried using phosphor but it didn't help at all. And if you're lucky enough to complete all the rooms, you get no fanfare, no extra points. Nothing. Just a new set of really hard really stupidly designed rooms.


That looks like a jack-o-lantern. And god forbid you be able to shoot at those idiotic red things moving around the map.


So the reason I played this is I plan to rectify all the things that are wrong with the game with my own version of Venture for the Odyssey². That is, if I have enough room to do so. I'm already at 1,500 bytes used and I haven't put in the enemies yet. So here's my take:


Three rooms per screen. No stupid red things around the map. Each room will have three ghosts (that can go through walls) to shoot at) and a treasure to get. No Evil Otto-type character. If I had the enemies not be able to go through walls, I would have to put collision detection code for each ghost, something I don't have room to do. So here's what I have left to do:

  • keep track of which room's treasure has been gotten.
  • put in the enemies and the treasure.


Here's stuff I am not going to do:

  • have the ability to shoot the ghosts (they're already dead.)
  • add the stupid face that comes up after a certain amount of time. (It's dumb. I may have one of the ghosts chase you in lieu of this.)
  • make it so if you take a screen capture of it, things are missing.


I'm sorry, but Venture is a really crappy game. It would have been better had they made it possible to pass the second level. And not have flickering so screenshots would look like they should.




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or try the COLECOVISION version of VENTURE and play it using the COOLCV emulator by oscar. You can download the VENTURE ROM file at www.cvaddict.com

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