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Illinois Smith and the Jade j




I worked on the game this morning, trying to get a treasure in a room. I got the ghost moving. I got the treasure in the room. I made it so if the treasure is gotten in a room, the room gets locked.


There is the rare, semi-precious Jade j that Illinois Smith (use your imagination) needs to get. This all takes place within a pyramid and the ghosts are the mummified spirits guarding the letters. Remember that ghosts can go through the walls. Believe it or not, that is actually easier to code because if I made the ghosts obey the walls I would have to put in more collision code. Level 2 will have 2 ghosts and levels 3 and 4 will have three ghosts. Level 5 will have just one ghost again but it will be faster. At least that's what I WANT to put in. I don't even know how far I'll get programming the game yet, so...


Here are some more ideas for treasures.

  • turquoise t
  • diamond d
  • silver s
  • ruby r


The only "yellow" treasure will be the Golden q, which will be found in the last room of level 4. So no, say, "Copper c." Once you get the Golden q, the game will repeat itself, but faster. The grid colors will be different for each level. I need to think of 6 more types of treasure. And then the Golden q will make 12. I plan to have 12 rooms in the whole game.



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