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ruby R and silver S




I worked all day yesterday on this. About 10 hours of programming was spent trying to make this game work. And at about 9:30 p.m., I got it working. I am almost out of room. I used 1,980 bytes out of a possible 2,084. But I got the first part done.


So now that it's done, here's the plan:


The Odyssey 2 always starts in the last bank. If it's a 2k program (like it is now), it will just start. But if it's a 4k program, it will start in bank 2 out of 2. But if it's an 8k program, it will start in bank 4 out of 4. So what I want to do is make an 8k program out of this. There will be 12 rooms. If a player completes all 12 rooms, then the game will loop forever. I am wanting to cookie cut the code. That is, level 2 will have 2 ghosts in it. The first, second, and third banks will be almost like the fourth bank except without the title screen code. Hopefully that will give me enough room to add a second (and I am wishing for a third) ghost. But I may be taxing the game a lot if I put in a third ghost. We shall see. If three ghosts is too much, the second ghost will begin after the sixth room.


Just now I tested the game on a real Odyssey 2. It looks good. I ran into a bug in the ruby R room where the player doesn't exit it. So I tried to fix that. I don't know how it got triggered. By the way, the bank numbers are minus one. So bank 1 is actually called bank 0, bank 2 is actually called bank 1, and so on. Since I can't just go from bank 3 to 2 for some reason, I thought of a complicated way to get to all four banks.

  • Bank 3 must be its starting bank. When bank 3 is completed, it will go to bank 1.
  • When bank 1 is completed, I can then go to bank 0.
  • When bank 0 is done, I need to go back to bank 3, where I put in a variable check. If the variable is one then it can go to bank 2.
  • When bank 2 is completed, I can then go back to bank 3 and start the cycle over again.

I used a similar method to use all four banks on Tunnels of Terror.



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