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Frogger 2: Threedeep! (Atari 2600)





I actually bought this loose cartridge a few months ago at a local retro video game store (Stateline video games).  I bought it because I really like original Frogger, and I thought the price seemed decent for a rather rare game.  (AtariAge rates it a 6).


I plugged it in and gave it a try, without going online and reading the manual, of course.  My initial thoughts were along the lines of "Well, this is weird and unplayable.   But it will be a fun cart to have."  Then it put it away and didn't really touch it for a while.


I always try to participate in the High Score Club on Ferg's 2600 Game by Game Podcast Discord.  Frogger II was the pick for January, so I was pretty excited to give it a try.


Unfortunately, it's been a pretty busy month, and I didn't get much of a chance to play.  (And I was also distracted by playing Ms. Pac-Man and Montezuma's Revenge for the 5200).  But as we reached the end of the month, I decided I better get some time in so I could at least participate in the Club.  After reading the manual, the gameplay made a lot more sense.  (When will I learn?).  And after a little time getting used to how it plays, I started really enjoying it.


Now I think that this a fun and challenging sequel to Frogger, that I will definitely want to get out and play again in the future.  I like how falling into the water/air on the higher stages drop you to the lower stage rather than killing you.  Certainly makes more sense on the "Surface level" - which is essentially the single Frogger 1 screen.  I guess we assume in Frogger 1 that if you fall into the water, the submarines get you.  :-D


As of right now, my high score is 3,022.  Actually, I think I did slightly better than that but didn't capture a screenshot because I was thinking my high score was higher.  I'm going to keep playing it until the end of the month, although I have no chance of catching the other guys in the Discord.


EDIT: It's also worth noting that that the 5200, 8-bit, and PC Booter versions of this game look worth checking out.  The PC Booter version supports CGA composite mode, so also worth a look.

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