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Angel designs for the Demon Lands



Shrapp - Serpentine Dragon angel. Plural: Shrappim

Has six wings, front paws have one human face on the back. There is one more located on the top of the head. Color: Glowing electric blue. Name is a play off of Seraph.

Kherub - I'm going for a Centaur-inspired design. Has the head of an ox with a human face in-between the eyes. I'm keeping the eight conjoined, eye-covered wings. Plural: Kherubim. Name is a play off of how Cherub was pronounced in Hebrew and Latin.

The Islamic Angel - Often appears in the various mortal coils as black silhouettes with glowing outlines in place of halos. In the White Realm, they look like Middle-Eastern angels. There are also around six females for every male.

Virtua - Spectral angelic silhouettes with a deep blue color and glowing outlines. Plural: Virtuae.

The lesser variants of these are known as Swejelwuldor (Pl. Swejelwuldoras). Pronounced as Swā-yel-wul-dor°. (IPA: Swei-jel-wʊl-dor)

Deuteros A.K.A. Deuteron - Has many eyes, seems to appear genderless even though he is not, has hypnosis powers, and at least one of those eyes can fire beams. Has purple skin, and many of those aforementioned eyes are on his wings. Thus, sneaking up behind him is impossible.

Asrael A.K.A. Azraayil, Æsrahel - Has one face on his upper arms, one on his chest, four wings, and like the previously-described Islamic angels, appears as a black silhouette. However, his bodily features are more defined. Also has a crown that covers half of his head.

Trishayia/Trishagia - Looks like a female angel from Diablo, but one can see the lower half of her face and three glowing eyes. She also has six wings. Is kind one moment, but horrific when slighted. When unhooded, she often has her hair up as a bun.

Chayot - Angelic animals and monsters. Plural: Chayotim.

Schōlaël A.K.A. Scōlhel – Known as the great and terrifying wise one, the only things that people see--aside from the red robe and two glowing wings--are two empty, yellow eyes and a moustache. As for why he is called the great and terrifying wise one, from having a scary-sounding voice, to being knowledgeable beyond comprehension, and not the most amicable angel to be around.

Leviticus - The head of Lordships, Dominions, and Hashallim. Barely has any hair on his head and often seen wearing a miter. Also wears three rosaries: one with a Latin Cross, another with a Hexagram, and a third with a crescent. His skin is rather pale, wrinkly, and has no moles, age spots, etc.

Frēadræfend – This centaur-like beast is the leader of the cherubim. From his ox-like lower body, to having four wings and a head akin to an antelope, he is not to be trifled with.


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More angel ideas:

Dennis the Decapitator - One of the most merciless Powers around. Name is a reference to Saint Dennis. Is around 6' 7" and has a considerable amount of muscle.


Russiaggelia Chelsea Snotor - A member of the Temperantia family and is known for her curiosity, gregariousness, kindness, and willing to give others a hand up when needed. A former power who lives in a convent and owns a Game Boy.


Sebiastian - A notorious sniper and lookout who has been involved in numerous assassinations and the occasional seedy activity. Name is a play on St. Sebastian.

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