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32x stuff



So I am beginning to make a 32x game. It's going to be about elephants stomping grapefruit.

I had to download an emulator and find 32x BIOSes, but I eventually did that. I downloaded Gens because it has 32x support and I want to make a 32x game. And after a few hours of cursing, sprite designing and other programming. I got one sprite to show up on the screen. And now, this is the title screen for the newest 32x game. It's so new, it just got began being worked on.


The plural of "grapefruit" is either "grapefruit" or "grapefruits." This is Eli the Elephant. I want him to be stomping grapefruit. I think I got pretty far for not knowing what I'm doing. I'm using SecondBASIC. I put the project as a 32x file. I couldn't figure out how to make my thing a .dat file, so I just put the sprite info into my file. I also don't know why it works now even though the 16 8x8 tiles are jumbled in the tile editor.


I've been sleeping a lot lately. Sometimes I only sleep for about 5 hours and then have to get up because my leg hurts. Sometimes I sleep for 14 hours. I don't have insomnia now even though it's 3 A.M. I simply just don't want to go to sleep right now.


I just bought an Everdrive Genesis. It says it supports 32x files, so I hope this will work since I spent $65 on it. Had a hard time finding someone who takes PayPal. I don't know why it's so bad. Google Pay seems to be the new "in thing" now.


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