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test my game.



Well, it snowed a little. It was a dusting, but it left pretty quickly. I had to realize a way to get a good song on my game. I was tired of it blaring the loud music. So I experimented. I found that if I set the music volume to 5C and split the song up into different parts that it didn't have an annoying click sound when the song looped. Of course, the song only has one channel, but it's better than an awkward silence.


I had to split the song up because if I put it all in one file it clicked, even when the song's volume was 5C. I don't understand why this has to happen, but apparently it has to be this way. At least it's better than blaring music at full blast (7F).


The mattress people are supposed to deliver my new mattress today. My old one is really awful and I doubt they'll haul it away. Yippee. I'm really sleepy but I can't go back to sleep because my mattress is outside right now. I went to Mattress World. "It's not too late to sleep like a baby..." It was the only mattress store in south Salem.


EDIT: Forgot to post a link to my game, Here: http://atari2600land.com/genesis/elephant.html

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Tried several emulators and couldn't run the ROM.  Which Genesis emulator are you using?


UPDATE:  Nevermind.  Me being dumb and clicking on the wrong ROM.

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