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Back to the banana joke book



I discovered a couple of banana jokes I had written down on paper so I wouldn't forget them. That made me think of the banana joke book I was making and it wouldn't get finished if I didn't work on it. So I made a way to finish it quicker: I put a couple more spaces between the jokes so instead of 6-7 on a page, there's usually 4. This upped my page count as you would expect, to around 20. I was aiming for 100, so I'm 20% finished. I would really like to print a couple of copies from a pro printer, but I don't know how. Question for those who made books about homebrew games: How did you get them published?


I like my new mattress even though it's a lot higher than I thought it would be. I slept and slept and slept and I had weird dreams for the first time in a while.


A sampling of my latest work:


What did the ape commit when he climbed up to get a banana?



Who would want to eat a brown banana?

I would if the brown is because it’s chocolate!


Why is a pair of bananas like grandmothers playing in the marching band?

One is two bananas and the other is tuba nanas.



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