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s02 - RetroHQ's Jaguar GameDrive (+11 Homebrews & Demos)



Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/s02-jaguar-gamedrive


Who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks? Probably nobody. That's not a thing. But what is a thing, a very cool thing, is the Jaguar GameDrive from RetroHQ: a custom cartridge that lets you load games, demos, and homebrew from a microSD card. And speaking of homebrew, we also talk about homebrew, including detailed coverage of not one, not two, but eleven games and demos, all made available from RetroHQ.

As if that weren't enough, we also have some top-quality feedback from Louis, Sloth Machine, and Editorb!

All that plus storytime and maybe Jesse Eisenberg in this special episode of the Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast.


Show Notes

General Links





Podcast References

Pop Culture References

Other Random Links

  1. JiFFI, the Jaguar File Format Interchanger
  2. BigPEmu
  3. Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration

Musical Interludes (in order)

  1. Resist by 505/Checkpoint, from Full Circle: Rocketeer
  2. (same as above)
  3. The Pain of Wisdom (Teeth!) by MSG, from Superfly DX
  4. (same as above)
  5. Sector Not Found! by MSG, from Superfly DX
  6. Music by 505, from Degz
  7. Small Fish in a Big Pond by MSG, from Superfly DX
  8. Retro-Chip-Track! by MSG from Superfly DX




Next Episode: Special coverage of Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration

Edited by Shinto


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