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Grapefruit monster!



Since I got Kolibri for the 32x in the mail today, I thought I'd take some time to work on my Elephant game for the Genesis. I needed to design a grapefruit monster. So I designed a grapefruit monster, but I couldn't get it in the game! I tried and tried and tried and I finally got it in there. As it turned out, I needed to make its x position larger. It was appearing, but it was offscreen. So I got it on the screen. Next thing I need to do is to move it. It will be a two frame animation. Except when it's jumping, then it will look like what is shown here.


I don't know how many sprites I can have on the screen all at once. With each tile being 8x8 pixels: The elephant is 4x4 tiles, the grapefruit is 2x2, the grapefruit monster is 2x2 and the cloud is 2x1.

I've decided to make it so in order to have the elephant stomp the grapefruit, he just needs to jump on it. But the elephant can't jump on the grapefruit monster. The grapefruit monster will jump randomly, so you'll need to watch out for that.


I do have a problem though: I seem to have lost my Genesis everdrive. I hope it turns up sometime.


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