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Finally, creating a software PC for the Geneve: Part 2



First off I want to apologize for taking a few months to get to part 2 but real life keeps rudely intruding on my hobby time. How dare it. Anyway, since I’m also hiding out at a Zaxbys to just have the time to type this up it’s not going to be as intensive as I would like, since life will eventually find me after all.


Note: you will want to read through the Part 1 before attempting Part 2. Also, because of the vagaries of Windows PCs your experience may vary. I have also included more utils that you will need in paert 2.

Now on with the show.


After you got the computer looking all blank like it’s time to make the real changes. Again note: these changes include registry and OS hacks which could crash your PC if not done right. Be warned.



1.) First you want to get rid of that pesky arrow pointer. Use the Take Ownership program to take ownership of WINDOWS\CURSORS. Also make a copy of CURSORS to safe place, just in case. Copy the contents from Tools file of CURSORS into WINDOWS\CURSORS. It’s OK to overwrite the contents. Now take the CROSSDOT.REG registry file and install.

This next thing you might want to wait till you are finished to do this since you won’t have a pointer anymore.

Open the Mouse Pointer and choose the new CROSSDOT pointer profile. The pointer should now becomes just a dot.


2.) Now lets get rid of that fancy blue logon page. Open from tools Login Studio. Choose the BLACK profile picture and make it the current Logon Screen. Blue gone, black in. Done.


3.) Take ownership of WIN\BRANDINGS dir. Copy content to a safe place. Use Resource Hacker from tools and mod the file WIN/BRANDINGS/BASEBRD.DLL. Remove the bitmap files.


4.) Take ownership of WIN/SYS32/IMAGERES.DLL. Copy to safe place. Now use Resource Hacker to modify that file. Remove spinners, bitmap, mui.


5.) Take ownership of WIN/SYS32/EN-US/WININLOGON.EXE. And you REALLLLLY want to make a copy of this file to a safe place. Just sayin’. Now use Resource Hacker and remove all:


1002 welcome

1003 logoff

1005 welcome


OK this part is experimental. I have got this hack to work, sometimes.

For a split second the pointer comes up then changes to the .dot. I wanted to get rid of that split second standard pointer so I experimented with changing in the registry HKEY/USER/DEFAULT/CONTROL PANEL/CURSOR from the default to .DOT. It worked on some of the virtual PCs I created but didn’t on others. Not sure why. Anyway, good luck.


Now reboot. If you have a black screen it works.


Copy from TI99REOURCES the MAME Geneve package to the PC. Make a shortcut of the GENEVE.BAT in the Startup folder.

Reboot and that should make the Geneve come up after a short while of black. As I stated this works much faster and better with the use of a high speed SDD drive.

That’s it. Now back to that life thing.



utils for win7 conversion.zip

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