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Pineapples on Game Boy.



Since my avatar is a pineapple, and I finished Frank the Fruit Fly, I decided to make a new Game Boy game. This new game will have pineapples in it. But what do they do? Jump over each other like leapfrog. Only when you jump over a pineapple, it disappears, like in checkers. There is another game that does this for the Game Boy. But I decided I want to put my own spin on it and see if I could make it better.


The title screen. Press start on it to reveal the grid.


If I finish this, it will go to a menu to pick a level in instead of the grid right away. But first I need to put in a cursor and pineapples. I think I have 9 pineapples max I can use. I'd like to make the pineapples sprites so it's easier to keep track of them. I made the cursor. You can move it around the grid. That was very difficult to do.

The game I am making is quite similar to the Game Boy game "Lazlo's Leap":


What I plan to do is make more puzzles in this style. Which will be very hard to do since Lazlo's Leap has 100 puzzles in it. But I'm not worried about designing the puzzles just yet. First I have to put pineapples in the grid and make the pineapples jump over themselves. In neither game can you move diagonally. And in both games, the level ends when the last pineapple is on the center square.


As for the game's structure, I'm thinking of putting the game's engine in one bank and putting the puzzle data in all the other ones. Of course, the number of banks will depend on how many puzzles I can make. I think I'll quit for today since I spent most of my waking hours yesterday trying to make a different style game, but I gave up since I couldn't make it move right.


P.S.: I guess I could make a game like my 7800 version, and I think I will if this doesn't pan out.


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