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So I decided to cut the music in-game. To make it so it's not totally quiet, I added a few sound effects: one for successfully moving a pineapple, and a buzz for trying to make a move that isn't allowed. I changed the title screen music. I also made a third level and added a way to select levels. On the title screen, you can press up or down to select a level and start to start it.


I have a hard time with this level. It usually takes me several tries to complete it. So I'm keeping it in. After all, all the levels can't be easy, then what would be the point of this type of game?


I'm at a good stopping point so I need to stop and recover from 2 whole days of spending all my waking hours on this. Some things I want to work on when I come back to this:

  • make some more sound effects, like one for selecting a pineapple.
  • add more levels.
  • add support for more pineapples.

I have about 8% room left in bank 0 so hopefully I can do this. If not I guess I'll have to move some things around. I don't know why but it usually takes 3 or 4 minutes to compile each version. So putting in even the smallest change requires me to wait for 4 minutes to see if I did it correctly. It's so irritating.



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