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Clear for Action ported to the Geneve



'Clear for Action in the age of Sailing'  is a game of strategy pitting you against the computer in a pitched naval battle in the age of the great sail battleships of the 18th century. Originally ported to the TI-99 by Walid Maalouli from the TRS-80 I have now ported thst 99 version over to the Geneve. This is a really terrific program and I have made some modifications to better run on the Geneve and take advantage of it's features.

The program is now one large program. Malllouli had to break up the program to get it fit on the 99, on the Geneve there is more than enough memory to fir the whole program at once. Also switched some of the menus to 80 column and added more info in the program.

there's a run-able version on a single DSK1 that runs from A: and, if you have Geneve MAME package download from my site https://ti99resources.wordpress.com/emulation/,

a set of HDs you can just replace the SOFTWARE files with the new SOFTWARE files  and execute ABGAMES at the Geneve prompt for the menu to run CFA.

To change to run from another source change the variable on line 100 to the new default SAVEFILE area.

Lot's of fun and challenging.




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