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Bubsy Creator Michael Berlyn has left the building...



Found out a friend of mine, Michael Berlyn, passed away at 73 yesterday. As I've mentioned to some this morning, I had a great time talking to him in this interview as he talked about the various games he created, among which Bubsy Bobcat. And it's been great talking to him since.  He was a great friend on Facebook liking my jokes, sharing some of his own, and sometimes just talking from time to time. A creative, supportive man with a fun sense of humor. He will truly be missed.


More about this...



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It was a real blast interviewing him. He truly was a purr-fect game developer and gentleman. As a small treat, I've done a couple of pretty catty images in homage to Bubsy's dad. Thank you Mike Berlyn. For everything.


Bubsy Mike Berlyn Memorial Pic.png

Da Cool Catz-Felix Gumdrop Kixxy Kittles Weildson and Fobbles- Ex-Cool-mation Pals.png

3 31 2023- Posca Paint Bubsy.jpg

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