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Ran-over Possum Man! (part 2)



I've been working on Ran-Over Possum Man some more.


I got passwords working. This will be a password game. So because of this, it won't have a score. It will be one of my "get to the end to beat it" video games. People seemed to buy Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey², so I guess that's okay.


I also got the intro to level 1 finished. Bank 1 will have level 1 and the level intro screen. I think there should be more than enough room to put level 1 in. The plot is the same: Ran-Over Possum Man (this time, he's not dumb as Stupidman) battles Mr. Germ in order to get the world's oldest raisin back in Citytown's museum.


Why did I choose passwords? So it won't need a battery. Thus making it easier to put on cartridges.


If this was level 2 or above, the level intro screen would also have a password on it.


The passwords are stored in binary format. So I could assign a password a number between 0-255. That should be enough to not have a player discover a password by trying a lot. To enter a password, you either press a or b for each letter (0 or 1). So now they are passwords instead of passcodes. I put a test password as BABABABA in. Not only will this serve well for the player, but me too so I don't have to replay the entire game to get to the level I was working on and testing.


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