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Ran-over Possum Man (part 4)



Today I spent all day trying to get the walls to activate so Ran-over Possum Man couldn't go through them. I spent almost 8 hours on this stupid puzzle. So then I go to the NES Stupidman code to see just how I did it. After attempting to look through GoSub and Frank the Fruit Fly code trying to do the same thing. Then, at about 1:45 p.m., 20 minutes ago, I found the solution.


I decided to put some pictures on the walls, because it's a museum after all. So I'll quit work for today because this was really hard. I thought I was going to spend about an hour or so. But the hours flew by without my finding the answer. So now the next things to do are:

  • create a different museum layout
  • create different rooms
  • make some music for the museum



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