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Cruiz'in Atariage - Atari Acquires Accolade Titles! - April 2023



Atari acquires the Accolade titles, like ...



I'm going to start this off with a request of the Bubsy Fan Blog to come and post on this message that thinks there is only one Bubsy fan...


Let's shock and awe, and discuss what we think of Atari getting the Bubster back.


Yep, back.   Atari and Accolade have courted before, and Bubsy has stepped in and out of the Atari doors so much it is almost a revolving door.   Let us count the times, which admitively are two.


Atari had the rights to Bubsy to make at least one game to be ported from Sega Genesis code for the Atari Jaguar.   That being of course "Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind", the first game in the Bubsy franchise originally released in North America in May 1993.   It was decided however to create a new game as they were working in the late summer of 1994, and so "Fractured Furry Tales" was born.  And that game would manage a North American release of December 9, 1994.


So right here, Atari had the rights to two games, the first game that they purchased the code and rights to, and the game they created.   It has been said by the Atari dev team that Bubsy II was too far into development to get the code for that.  And by the time Bubsy 3D was being created and released around 1996 Atari was going through a reverse merger with JTS.


However, but 1999 the company Infogrames acquired the rights to Atari, and changed their name to the more iconic brand name.  And Infogrames acquired the rights to Accolade.   And various titles were created.   Nothing really of the Bubsy line.


And after a few other selling and acquisition of the Accolade and Bubsy franchise, here we are, yet again, with some owner of Atari picking up the Accolade titles, yet again.


Not complaining as I (Doctor Clu) am a huge fan of seeing the big Atari logo at the beginning of Fractured Furry Tales.   I always enjoyed the idea of Bubsy, a cat, being one of the spokescats of the Atari Jaguar, a system named after a larger cat.


Also I greatly enjoyed the Atari 50th anniversary collection released for the PS4 and PS5, as well as I believe the Atari VCS and a few other platforms.   The Jaguar emulation in that was awesome, and personally I know a lot of people who would like to try at least Fractured Furry Tales without having to set up Jaguar emulation, or buy an Atari Jaguar in retro market prices.


But what I would also like to see, Atari, is Bubsy 3D, and Bubsy 1 and 2.   Maybe the newer games, Woolies Strike Back and Paws on Fire on more platforms.   And even Kitt'n Kaboodle for the Atari 2600.  :P  


Well, I was happy with how Atari featured software from Big Five Softeware and the Miner 2049er series on the 50th anniversary and I think the Bubsy series would add another colorful addition.


Personally, I would love to finish up Bubsy 3D on my Playstation 4.  And maybe, just maybe, Atari can go in an tweek a few things in that game.   Adjust the controls a bit.   And there was a more graphically enhaunced version of that game, but it was pulled back due to Playstation 1 limitations.


So exciting, and I look forward to what everyone has to say on that message thread.


Here are a few articles about the Accolade purchase by Atari...






Talk soon!




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I hope you're right and they consider putting Fractured Furry Tales on the 50th collection. I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy that collection specifically for the Jaguar emulation. What great inclusion for us non-Jag owners!

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