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Eating a raw potato



Hash browns. I like hash browns. So I thought I'd get some. That turned out to be a big mistake.


Another mistake was putting it in the freezer when it said "Keep refrigerated." After about 20 minutes of trying to thaw, I just put them in the microwave. I looked at the instructions. It said to fry in a skillet. I'm not gonna do that! So I got it hot and took it out and took a bite. It was terrible.


Not one to waste money, I kept eating. I added salt. It was like eating a raw potato, only heated and shredded. I finally had eaten about 2/3 of the huge package when I cried uncle and quit. So now I know: Don't buy hash browns at the grocery store. They're disgusting. Which is odd because I bought some hash brown patties a long time ago and I put them in the microwave and they turned out like hash browns. I thought this would be the same thing. But it wasn't.


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