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Art imitating life.



It's hot in my room compared to the rest of the house. I call my room "the oven." I decided that since I'd need a battery save for the VB game I was planning and I don't know how to do that, I'd just as well quit working on it. So I did. I don't know if a password would do well since I'd need to keep track of the health. I did that in Frank the Fruit Fly for the Pokemon Mini, but the passwords are easy to figure out in it.


So I thought I'd make some comics since I was behind on them. Yellowjackets are attacking my house. They come in through somewhere, but they're weak so they're easy to kill.  Anyway, that led me to draw this:


This hits close to home because when I was in middle school, someone told me about a bee flying around me. It stung my hand. It was horrible. The only other time I ever got stung was when I was a young kid, I was carrying fire logs into the house and a bee must have been in one and it stung me. So that's twice in my life. (Thrice, if you count my dream I had once where a bee stung me.)


I'm bored and hot and miserable. It seems like summer. It's almost 80. Yesterday it was 90. It's horrible.


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