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Going Bananas update



I decided on the third game for this. I am going to attempt to put in a fly swatting game. After putting in the code to display the game and sprites, I have about 600 bytes left. So I will try to put that in 600 bytes. I first drew a table with a banana on it, but then I decided I couldn't do that because I also needed to put in the sprites as well. After I attempted to put the sprites in, I was left with this:


The plan: So the flies are fruit flies and they move around randomly (like fruit flies do). If they get close to the bananas, they'll start eating them, making you lose points. Swatting a fruit fly will get you one point. Sometimes a bee will fly across the screen with a buzzing sound. If the fly swatter touches the bee, the game ends.


I basically worked all night on this, most of the time dealing with the menu, which I couldn't get correctly until I thought of something to do and I did it and now it works right.


I don't know what to call the fly game. I'm calling it Flies Over for now but that may change.


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