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The Emulator Zone, Part II



Ok, so this time it was only 3 years since my last blog post. Bleh. Anyway, I've been back in the US since about a month after my last blog post, so that makes a little over 3 years. 


Anyway, here's a follow-up on my last post. Last time I lamented the fact that Virtual Jaguar still wasn't a fully compatible emulator. That much remains true, as I believe it hasn't even been updated since well before that post. However, there's a nifty little emulator called BigPEmu which has since come out, and it works a hell of a lot better than VJ. Not that I've really needed it, as I actually have my Jag again since I'm back in the US. On top of that, I have a JagGD, so there's been little need for me to emulate the Jag.


In regards to the Atari ST, though, that's a different story, as I haven't had an Atari computer for over a decade now. I've been playing around quite a bit with Hatari lately, and have to say it's come a long, long way since the early days. The interface still sucks, of course, but the actual emulation part seems to work quite well. And if that's not enough, I also want to comment on EmuTOS, the free TOS replacement. I hadn't really bothered with it in many, many years, as the early versions of it were pretty much useless. That is definitely not the case now, though, as I find it superior to any officially released version of TOS by a long shot. At least in emulation. I'm curious as to how well it works on actual hardware. If I ever get an ST again, I would be tempted to try it.


Ok, that's enough for now. Let's hope it's only a short amount of time before I remember that I have this blog again.


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