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I decided Flies is a good enough concept to stand on its own, so I've decided to move it to its own game instead of making it part of Going Bananas. The bananas are still on the screen. I've moved the setting from inside a house to outside on the grass.



  • The fruit fly will stay eating the banana and, if you have any points, you'll lose them for each second you don't swat him for eating a banana.
  • There will be bonus points. They will start out at 9 points, and then move gradually down to 1 point if you're really slow swatting the fly.
  • Avoid the bee altogether. If your swatter just even touches a bee without swatting it, it's game over. The bee moves across the screen.
  • If I have room, the hornet, which would use the same sprites as the bee only it's colored redder, will move across the screen and in addition try to follow your y-axis movements to try to get you.


I don't know how the score numbers got to be so big, but I guess I'll keep it that way unless they magically shrink over the course of programming the game. I want this to be a 2k game, but will reluctantly move it to 4k if I need to.


When going through my files, I discovered I had attempted a game where you shoot the flies instead of swatting them. But the flies are really small, and I couldn't get things going, so I quit. I guess swatting them is the next best thing. And who can play a shooting game on a flat screen TV anyway? I'm wondering whether or not I should sell my light gun and copy of Sentinel.


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