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Head in the clouds



I thought to myself "What my fly swatting game needs is clouds." So I spent the last few hours not expecting to get anything done, but lo and behold, I actually got it working.


I don't know if I'll keep them in the game or not since they're kind of square looking. But I did try to make the smaller clouds behind seem farther away than the clouds in front.

Most of the time was spent trying to figure out how to not make the sprites not stretched out when they approach the clouds. But I think I have it now. I watched the hornet move up and down and it didn't seem to "stretch" out. Or another thing it likes to do to annoy me is make the sprite move one line up or down at a certain x position. But I moved my fly swatter around and it didn't seem to do that, either. Then it was just a matter of initializing it so it starts at 262 scanlines.


You may have noticed the cloud in the upper left-hand corner is a little bit taller than the other behind clouds. Unfortunately I can't do anything about that since just putting clouds in the game to begin with was really hard and I don't want to break the game. And it looks a lot more "natural" that way, all clouds don't look exactly the same, you know.


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