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Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 21



I think this is the hardest level yet.


The ghosts move around in a square pattern. This was the hardest part: making sure they do. I had to check boundaries over and over again and make sure they weren't being crossed. And then I had to make sure the level was solvable. I eventually found a way to solve it, but it did take a while. That's why I said it may be the hardest level yet.


I worked on it because I was fat and I was trying to get my mind off eating and the fact that I can't use the toilet because they're out there working on my sewer system. I don't know what the heck they're doing, but this is getting real annoying. This isn't the first time this happened. It was FINE. Why bother working on it in the first place? Although I did pee today, I just can't flush the toilet. Although if they quit fiddling with the sewer, I might have lost weight because I need to poop. But nooooo.


I doubt I'll get this finished this year. Which means I'll have to change the copyright year on the title screen. I tried to shorten the code in bank 2 but it ended up taking much much longer to compile. So I went and added more stuff and it compiled in a much much shorter time, about 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes. How odd. So when I get to level 24, I'll have to add some more banks because the ones I have are filling up fast with level data. Although bank 2 is 75% free. The one that takes 30 seconds to compile.


There's this spider walking around the walls in my room. I first saw him yesterday. I guess I'll name him since he keeps showing up. Steve the spider, go away. I tried to catch him and release him outside with a piece of paper yesterday but I failed and he fell. I guess he didn't die because he's on my wall walking around again.


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