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Cruiz'in the Galaxy - Happy Towel Day! - May 2023



Happy Towel Day!   Celebrating Douglas Adams who wrote Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.   (HHGTTG)




I dare say, if you like the lunacy of Bubsy, you'd like the off the wall turn tropes on their head comedy like this book series.


I have a shot of the Infocom game that originally introduced me to the HHGTTG series....




This is the same company that Bubsy creator, Michael Berlyn, also wrote Cutthroats and Infidel for.   And I believe I have this same game package for those games too.  :D


These games came with the "feelies", in this case the "Don't Panic" badge, the bag of pocket fluff, a bag of a microscropic Space fleet, and the glasses that turned black whenever something dangerous was around, keeping you from panicing.


Awesome series.


And this HHGTTG logo/mascot of a sorts was the inspiration for the Bubsy Fan Blog icon.




Saw that on the Bubsy pilot and thought... hey...  we could have some fun with that.


So Bubsy fans, enjoy out there, and don't it's a tough galaxy out there so don't forget your towel !





Don't see pictures, try this link:



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1 hour ago, GoldLeader said:

You're a Towel!

Something valuable and never to leave home without?  

How nice of you to say!

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I think what would be cool,   would be ... If Bubsy had a new game come out.  Since it's my crazy fantasy pipe dream,  let's assume it comes out for SNES!  And in the game Bubsy is kickin' back, drinking a cold one,  and reading Hitchhiker's Guide,  when decides he needs to get a Towel.  But when he completes a few levels and claims his prize,  A New Towel,  It turns out to be Towelie from South Park!  Surprised,  he says, "You can talk?  But you're a Towel!"  To which of course Towelie responds, "You're a Towel!!"

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